Technorati favorite it! Big Gun [Woongjin | Morning Rice]

This giant 1.5l bottle of goodness was well worth the investment. It has hints of wood, cardboard and nuts in its flavour, but don't let that fool you into thinking it's just another wood flavoured drink.

It's milky, slightly sweet and I guess once you get past the cardboard or wood flavour, it would be best described as a rich walnutty flavour.

Again, there is not a great deal of english text on the bottle's label other than WOONGJIN and However there is an importer's sticker placed over part of the label describing the drink as: "MORNING RICE".

So with only that information to go on I shall endeavour to find out more.

Okay, so Woongjin Foods has an English site for Morning Rice. According to the website the ingredients are, "rice 43%, brown rice 30%". Okay, cool, but that still leaves 27% of something else... Referring back to the importer's sticker, it seems like that 27% is made up of various addatives including VITAMIN(300), probably vitamin riCe. The website claims a patented roasting and refinement process for the rice.

I'm impressed that it's possible to make such a tasty beverage with only rice and brown rice. It really does have a nutty flavour and although I tend to feel a bit queezy after a lot of it, I'm able to down most of the large bottle pretty quickly as you can see from the picture, it's almost all gone and I haven't even finished the review yet.

"The liquid is not sweet, thus not satiating. It has a soft and stimulating flavor." - Agreed.
There's nothing like a bit of liquid rice in the morning!

Taste (8.5)

Weirdness (5)

Satisfaction (7.5)

Update: "Feel Woongjin Foods through the pictures of products..." - I'm in love.


  1. If I saw this in the store, I'd probably be thinking just another run of the mill wood/cardboard flavored beverage, but I now see it's anything but that. I can tell from the photo that is was an experience that most wood/paper/cardboard/pie crust drinks could never live up to.

  2. not sure about the pie crusts... i think that's more of a cousin of the old camp fire falvour isn't it?

  3. I love this drink and have for several years. I get it in my Korean Market here in San Francisco. To me ittastes like rice.

  4. yeh it's good stuff... i really appreciate that wood flavour (brewed rice)..