Technorati favorite it! Kuu [Qoo | Orange Juice]

Whilst orange juice isn't that weird or necessarily exciting, I'm a fan of Qoo, maybe it's just the name or the cute characters on the bottles, but it does also taste good. It's not just run of the mill ordinary juice, it's tangy and sweet but not too sweet, it's very refreshing and has extra Vitamin C, B Complex and Calcium.

This particular one is bottled in Hong Kong by Swire Coca-Cola HK Ltd., and the url is

It's a fairly simple beverage, but refreshing on a hot day when you need a injection of C.

Taste (7.5)

Weirdness (6) Cute character

Satisfaction (8.5)


  1. Wow, reviewing baby drinks now? Will it be mashed carrots in a little jar next?

  2. wtf... how is this any more a baby drink than 90% of the other stuff? :) You'll have your mashed carrots in the mail mate.

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