Technorati favorite it! Lycheese [FOCO LYCHEE DRINK]

Okay, well let's get started with one of my all time favourite drinks, Lychee Juice. In fact let's start with a story about how we went to every convenience store in the city searching for Lychee Juice, which is usually imho one of the easiest drinks to find, but not this time.

So eventually it seemed like we found a place that had it, I say to the shop attendant, "do you sell Lychee juice?", and he takes me over to the dairy cabinet and shows me a package of cheese... and i'm like, na mate, Lychee, and he's like Light Cheese... and i'm like na, you are kidding mate, I don't want cheese.

Anyway to cut a long extremely exciting story short, we got lychee tea instead, it was okay. But this drink here on the left was goood stuff.

Taste (8.5)

Weirdness (2) +1 for "FOCO", never heard of it before. So just Foco f mate.

(also featured, the cheese. see below)


  1. This is possibly the only brand of cheese on Earth with a derogatory name.

  2. The foco theory is a theory of revolution by way of guerrilla warfare. It was inspired by Ernesto "Che" Guevara - the guy you see on all the t-shirts.