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Yes, I love lychees, and lychee jellys with coconut chunks are no exception.

These mini tubs of lychee jelly are quite tasty, but I've had better. This particular brand sports the addition of little chunks of coconut embedded in the jelly, which quite fankly - works .. It gives you something a little bit more chewy to contend with as you slurp the jelly down. There's only one left in the packet there... damn they go quick!

Taste (8)

Weirdness (2)

Satisfaction (6)


  1. Lychee is spelled "Litchi" in the US as it is the US FDA spelling. In the Asian import stores, around half are spelled "Lychee" while the other half are "Lychee."

  2. That is a weird spelling, i'll give that 8.5/10 for weirdness...