Technorati favorite it! Pomegranate [LOTTE | PUNICA GRANATUM]

Okay, this one was a seriously unexpected taste sensation in a tiny can from Lotte. Good work guys!

I guess pomegranate isn't something I've had a lot of and this tasted really exotic to me, and totally delicious. Shame it's such a small can, cause it was all over in a matter of seconds.

I will be reinvesting in this one. If anyone can read what the name of the drink is, would appreciate the knowledge.

Taste (9)

Weirdness (5)

Update: Found the Korean TV ad for this beverage!


  1. I believe the translation is "Big Pomegranate, Little Lady."

  2. Nice ;) - for a second there I was like, dude, but then it dawned on me that your Korean is as good as mine and also even though that could well be a plausible name it's got too much asianbev in it.