Technorati favorite it! 1,000 mg Vitamin C [Pokka | Lemon 1000]

Japan is a culture obsessed with indicating the amount of Vitamin C contained in a product on the packaging. In the case of Pokka's Lemon 1000, it's 1000 milligrams - about 15 times more than your body is capable of absorbing and using a day. Thanks.

It doesn't taste too bad, but it's a lot more simple than I was hoping for. It basically amounts to a heap of lemon juice squirted into
water. There's enough lemon that you can't call it lemon water, but there's enough water that you couldn't call it lemon juice. Both flavors exist in a nice harmony. I wish that there was more sugar to sweeten it up like lemon flavored candy. As it is now, it's a bit much on the sour side.

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  1. i think i know someone else who is obesessed with the amount of vitamin C contained in a product ;)

    i kinda like sour, so i might have to give this one a go!

  2. People should read this.

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