Technorati favorite it! Video Review #2 [Calpis | Calpico Concentrate]

Taste (9)

Weirdness (5)

Satisfaction (8)


  1. duuude, that's a schweppes-calpico classico mate! another awesome video review, had me laughing my ass off at some points... I especially appreciate the choice of an outdoor filming location at the start, it added a real air of authenticity to it. Add the blending adventure on top of that and you got one fine review!

  2. "oh .. i didn't see you there :)" .. "put a little too much calpico in [WAY TOO MUCH]" .. "oh, oh that's awful... just kidding it's great" .. schweppes-calpico classico :) , incidentally kirin is looking to buy the schweppes drink brand from cadbury.