Technorati favorite it! [CALPIS | Apple & Carrot 「にんじんとりんごのカルピス」] this is kinda the opposite of the fruit mix drink I reviewed earlier that tasted like carrot as this one has, as far as I'm concerned, no carrot flavour at all.

The drink is surprisingly - not bad - i was expecting the carrot to be rather unpleasant, and picked it out specifically with a potentially bad review in mind, gotta mix it up a bit.. but it's basically quite a tasty apple juice, and might even be actually good for ya.

It doesn't have the traditionally milky taste like other Calpis' and isn't too watery either. Overall a not-too-shabby beverage - from Japan.

Taste (7.5)

Weirdness (5.5) where's the carrot?

Satisfaction (6)


  1. > from Japan

    ?? not Taiwan?

  2. Calpis (KARUPISU) is a Japanese beverage brand. They are probably also sold in many other asian countries including Taiwan and bottled locally...

    Care to expand?