Technorati favorite it! [CALPIS | THE PREMIUM CALPIS]

Aaah yeah... that's what i'm talkin about, tasty tasty tasty... this is what all calpis should taste like... it's so much more yoghurty and flava flavasome. refreshing yoghurty tang and an elegantly designed bottle. just a bit pricey at the most expensive imported drink i've pur-chased at AU$4.90.

Since pur-chasing the above mentioned beveraged, i pur-chased a second one as it's so good. if you were blind-folded and drinking it, i'd like to think you'd be forgiven for thinking it has a slightly orangey taste which i didn't notice before... then again, it might just be me., or are the places to go to find more info. enjoy!

Taste (9.5) nearly a 10

Weirdness (3.5)

Satisfaction (8)


  1. Wow! The premium stuff. None of that fancy stuff 'round these parts. I'll have to go get some of the regulars for myself today.

  2. yeh, and it really is 'premium'... hope u find some!

  3. My friends always talk about premium calpis like some sort of mythical thing. I actually haven't seen it at any convenience stores since I heard about it, but I'm looking forward to trying it. Just how much better is it than standard calpis?

  4. dude-.-

    this is THE premium... need i say anymore.. yes it's way ahead of any other calpis products... and rare as hen's teeth.. i only saw it that once at a shop haven't seen it since.

  5. Let's raise our glasses to 5 years of some of the weirdest drinks on Earth. Dorinku will rise again!