Technorati favorite it! Let's get physical [House Wellness | C1000]

House Wellness C1000 claims itself to be a physical drink (whatever that means). It was a hands-on experience – I give it that, but it was no more physical than any experience I’ve ever had with a Coca-Cola Classic.

It’s red and yellow coloration immediately reminded me of McDonald’s, but that is where my familiarity ceased. I believe it is called C1000 because it contains 1000mg of vitamin C (16% of your daily recommended allotment). “vitamin DRINK” is written largely across the center of the bottle, so this may be the actual name. I am unsure if the drink contains any other vitamins because the only other recognizable character on the bottle is the number 8 displayed between some Japanese characters and followed by an explanation point. 8!!!! GREAT!!! 8 vitamins maybe? Vitamin C, vitamin big-eyed boy that looks like a girl, vitamin bear driving car?

The actual drink was carbonated. It tasted like a milder (less medicine-tasting) red bull with a stronger citrus taste. The drink tasted average to me. There was nothing bad about it, but it just got boring after a while.

Taste (4)

Weirdness (3)

Satisfaction (3.5)


  1. Nice review man... kudos... and thanks for bringing this blog back to life... my only concern now that i just posted my own drink after 3 years how long will it sit in no.1 position until you post your next one?

    I think I like this new gorilla style of posting, rather than before when we used to go out and buy ridiculous quantities of drinks in one hit and try to review them all... now we go out, buy ridiculous quantities of drinks and just review one.

  2. My heart tells me I will post soon, but my mind says otherwise :(

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