2,500 mg Vitamin C [Pine | Fruit Rings]

The Lemon 1000 makes a nice compliment to Fruit Rings brought to us from a Japanese company called Pine. The Fruit Rings contain individually wrapped Life Savers filled with Pop Rocks all through them making for a nice 2 in 1 candy experience. The Pop Rocks explode whenever you suck the Life Saver down in size to the points in the candy structure which they reside. The 2 flavors you're forced into getting in each sack are the awesome lemon and the not so hot green apple (shouldn't this flavor have died out with the 80s.) The bag of around 24 Fruit Rings contains 2,500 mg of Vitamin C - 45 times more than a human being can absorb in a day's time.

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  1. pine - kinda cool/intersting/weird choice of a name... that 2 in 1 thing is cool... lemon candy reminds of those mini yellow lemon shaped ones you got in sydney... i will have to revisit those, they were damn good.

  2. Thanks for writing this.

  3. Hi Thelma, on behalf of the blog, you are welcome! ;)




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