[Assi Brand | Sac Sac Orange]

Korea's Assi Brand Sac Sac Orange tastes surprisingly good for orange juice in a can. Typically the only orange juices I can bear to palate are the fresh, not from concentrate varieties in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.

Disappointingly, this has massive chunks of oranges throughout it taking pulp orange juice to a new level. I'm a smooth orange juice man. Once I had finished the majority of liquid, I found a vast quantity of pulp had settled to the bottom that I could not finish.

This has not been our first encounter with sac beverages at Dorinku. I'm still not sure what they mean by Sac, and I certainly don't know what they mean by Sac Sac. Next time I'll try Sac Sac Sac, and maybe then the mystery will be solved.

Taste (6)

Weirdness (5 sacs)

Satisfaction (5)

Update: Assi Brand is a rebranding of some Lotte products for the US. This is Lotte Orange Sac Sac.

This description was taken from the Lotte website about the product:
The most attractive item, being exported to worldwide beverage market. Orange/Grape/Coconut jelly/Pineapple sac is filled in this item, you can drink juice with real fruit. It has a unique taste of chewing full sacs. Unlike many overly sweetened fruit juices, SacSac juice quenches your thirst and leaves you satisfied. Enjoy fun of breaking the kernel of fruit in your mouth.


  1. that photo is a cadbury-schweppes classic mate!!

  2. this is a cousin of the grape sac that i reviewed earlier..

  3. I think you're more into sacs than me. The fewer testicle pouches in my drinking fluids, the better.




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