[Cadbury-Schweppes | Lemon Lime Solo]

Now onto something a little more familiar. Solo is the most popular soda beverage in Australia after Coke and Pepsi. It is made by Cadbury-Schweppes and in some ways, you could say it is the Mountain Dew of Australia. The Lemon-Lime flavor is pictured, but the plain lemon flavor is far more popular. I guess you could say its carbonated Lemonade.

Cultural conflict: What Americans call Lemonade is the same thing that the Australians call lemon drink. What the Australians call Lemonade is what an American would call water with lemon.

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  1. no comment here, these are run of the mill in oz and are as freely available as cola.

  2. you've got the CULTURAL CONFLICT bit wrong on the Solo article. The first half is right, but try: WHAT A NORTH AMERICAN WOULD CALL LEMONADE AN AUSTRALIAN WOULD CALL WATER AND LEMON JUICE. It's not even that common in Oz... i'd never even seen it or heard of lemon + water before here (I'm Australian) and i didn't know what it was til i went to canada last year. so yeah just fix that bit up for us...




What seems like a fairly harmless, perhaps even novel yet odd idea--tea in a can--espresso style... forget it. At my first sip I thought...