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Original flavored Calpico Water has been previously reviewed. I recently tried both the Strawberry and Mango varieties. They also feature Hello Kitty predominately on the bottles, but instead of holding a bottle of milk as on the original, the Kitty holds a strawberry on the strawberry flavored. Instead of holding a Mango on the mango bottle, for some reason, she is surfing. Each flavor contains 1% fruit juice and taste just like I expected. While the original flavor is too good to beat, it was nice to mix it up by trying these varieties.

Taste (8)

Weirdness (4)

Satisfaction (7)

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  1. Dude you really went to town with Calpico! I wonder what the deal with Hello Kitty is... I've seen that on a wide variety of drinks... slight obsession j-land I would suspect :)




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