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This is one of the most popular drinks in Japan (along with Ramune Soda.) In it's native country it is called Calpis Water, but in the English-speaking world, it is known as Calpico (because Calpis sounds too much like "Cow Piss".) The name Calpis means Calcium (cal) good taste (pis).

Quotes on the bottle include:
  • original flavor
  • refreshingly sweet and tangy
  • non-carbonated soft drink
  • tastes like nothing else in the world. refreshing and light, sweet and tangy flavors
  • Hello Kitty -- (this is a special edition kind of like Santa on cans of Coke at Christmas time
This is a very sweet water with a very light milky taste. If you're not a milk fan, don't let this deter you, because it's incredibly subtle, and you might be surprised. I'm not blown away by amazing flavor, but this is something I could drink most days because of it's subtle refreshingness.

Taste (8)

Weirdness (4)

Satisfaction (9)

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  1. bring on some more milk related beverages! :> ordinarily milk added to water is just wrong... but these drinks prove the opposite is true!




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