[Chin Chin | Assam Milk Tea]

This is the second drink bottled by Chin Chin I have tried. Previously I reviewed their Grass Jelly drink. Chin Chin is a division of King Lucky - a Taiwanese company that makes many varieties of drinks and soups.

This is also my second Assam Tea review. The first can be read here. The bottles are similarly shaped and colored and both feature on-can graphics that are at least vaguely Middle Eastern-themed. Maybe they're both the same drink bottled by Chin Chin.

It's hard to remember exactly what the previous can of Assam milk tea I drank tasted like, but if there is a difference, the one I am reviewing now may be a little more potent. This Assam Milk Tea has strong natural chocolate and wood flavors subtled by a minute amount of milk. The can features the silhouettes of two women dancing in front of the Taj Mahal.

Taste (6)

Weirdness (5)

Satisfaction (5)

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  1. Somebody has a slight obsession with Assam and strange characters with moustaches bicycles and dancing in front of the taj. :)




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