[Chin Chin | Grass Jelly Drink]

Where do I begin?

Grass Jelly is an Asian desert drink. The can depicts a wide glass full of a dark green/brown chunky liquid and three lychee berries beside it. I opened it and poured the liquid into a glass. It is a dark, cloudy brown with small particles floating within. It looks a lot like flat Coke. It tastes very sweet and minty. In fact, it is so sweet and minty it is difficult to determine any other tastes except perhaps a slight root beer taste. While it's nothing I'd be drawn to in the future, the experience was far less horrifying that I expected. The only other shock came when I went to refill my glass. The bottom 3rd of the can wasn't liquid but dark brown jelly. It wouldn't pour out of the can because it was too large for the mouth hole, but I could clearly see it.

Sorry about the darkness of the photos. There is a small chance they will be replaced with brighter ones one day.

Taste (5)

Weirdness (9)


  1. I can definitely understand why you rated that one high on the weidness scale... but i reckon that bean drink you had was weirder, maybe a 10? The fact that you spat it into the bin suggests that :) You took a photo of the can on someone's camera right, are you gonna do a review of it?

  2. I'd like to review that. I forgot about it as a matter of fact. I'd really like to review the bird's nest/white fungus drink. I think about it a lot, and it's a 10w.

    I just need to find those pictures.




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