Chunks [POKKA | aloe v - blueberry juice]

Light on the blueberrys, but high on the chunks this drink was refreshing but could have been a bit tastier.

Manufactured by Pokka, this juice is a flavoured aloe vera, supposedly blueberry flavour, however without the text on the can you'd think it was grape. Accordingly the ingredients listed on the can are 3.3% blueberry juice, 1.5% grape juice and 17% aloe vera juice and pulp bits.

This drink seems to have been designed with an overseas market in mind as it's one of the few cans that has almost entirely western text on. One side is English and the other Spanish, with ingredients listed in English, Spanish, French and Hungarian?

The chunks are nice and give you something to strain out with your teeth and chew after you swallow the juice.

Overall it's refreshing crisp style was worthwhile, but it's flavour was a bit watery.

Taste (6)

Weirdness (2.5)

Satisfaction (6.5)

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