Clone [JT | Miss Parlor 「桃の天然水」]

This drink is either identical to LOTTE's 2% that I reviewed earlier, or then it's so similar that I would have to have them sitting next to each other to taste the diffrence.

They're both peach perfumed waters, or water with a very light peach flavour. Miss Parlor is tasty drink and if I was to pick out any difference between it and 2%, then perhaps this one was a little bit more candy like in taste. Otherwise it was quite refreshing and satsiftying.

It is manufactured in Japan by JT under the branding "Miss Parlor". The latter is a dedicated interactive flash site to the branding obviously aimed at kids or freaks.

The Japanese text at the top translates to "Peach Natural Water", enjoy.

Taste (7)

Weirdness (6.5) for the website

Satisfaction (7.5)


  1. I like making the clouds rain on the Miss Parlor Web site. Does that make me a freak? I need to learn Japanese so I can understand!

  2. Dorinku say, if clouds on Miss Parlor web site can rain, you not freak.

  3. Where can I buy this peach drink outside of japan? I used to drink this all the time way back when.

  4. Dorinku say, if in Sydney, Peach Drink find at Miracle Plaza, World Tower Lower Level.




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