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Asia is a continent of extremes. Depending on the drink you drink from there alone, you may think that Asia is like heaven on Earth or that it is as royally messed up as your brain will allow you to comprehend.

I was immediately attracted to Famous House Papaya Juice because of its green and white cow in the middle of a circle on a bright orange can. Other than that, there's no other English on the can.

Famous House is a Taiwanese company. They also sell this beverage in a smaller can with a slightly different name and design.

The liquid poured out a milky orange. This is contrary to the "juice" it promised, however it does account for the oddity of the cow on the can.

The taste? Fake milk combined with fake fruit. Would this complement a dish of beef bulgogi? Sure, what wouldn't? Would I go out of my way to find a can of Famous House's Tropical Milk Juice? No of course not. Asia is a big slab of land, and we still have much work ahead of us.

Taste (5)

Weirdness (7)


  1. nice review mate! even though i get the impression that you weren't a huge fan of that bevo, i still wanna try one! the name is a classic - famous house - yes. famous for our... milky dodgy papaya, and even tho it's a fruit drink we'll put a huge cow on it - totally... taiwan.

  2. just tried a can of this... unexpected could be the best word to describe what this tastes like.

    Weird but somehow drinkable.

  3. hm, i thought it was the best tasting juice ever. i fell in love with its semi-sweet, milky taste.




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