Seafood Packs

This is a large bag of many smaller packs of flavored fish jerky. "Natural is Best" is written across the front of the outer bag. The ingredients are printed on an English label on the back of the sack, and I have written them below.

Ingredients: Sleeve-fish, Cod, Mintai Fish, Yellow Croaker, Chzong Fish, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Salt, Chili Powder, Sesame, Ginger Juice, Spices.

I started out by eating the lower-middle green pack in the picture. It was alright, I guess. It was small pieces of salty white fish jerky. The second pack I tried was disgusting. The top middle red in the picture - it was thick slices the size of sardines. They may have had a slathering of BBQ sauce too, but the most predominate flavor other than the fish were the giant sugar crystals. Fish is not a candy. This combination works as well as ice cream topped with wood chips. I then tried the yellow on the bottom row. Small light cubes with alternating rows of fish and sesame seeds. Absolutely terrible. I wish I had never made this purchase, and there's not much else I can say other than that I didn't try the 4 remaining varieties.

Taste (1)

Weirdness (8)

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  1. Not being much of a fan of seafood, I'm slightly horrified by this one..




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