honey? [POKKA | green tea - honey & lemon]

This is one of the few drinks they sell at my local supermarket that is Japanese (brewed in Singapore). Whilst I'm not generally a huge fan of straight green tea, this one is pretty tasty and it's definitely the honey and lemon additions.

It leaves a weird after taste in your mouth and i feel a bit nauseous after drinking it, but i keep going back to it so there must be something good about it.

It's pretty easy to drink although I don't usually get through a whole bottle in one sitting. Overall pretty standard but tasty.

Taste (6.5)

Weirdness (4)

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  1. This one rocks! Cole's at Broadway carried it too. The only bummer was the bottles at that particular Cole's were completely covered in dust.

    I still bought them and loved them, but the dusting was an annoyance.




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