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Korea's Lotte hails Milkis as "A New Feeling of Soda Beverage." This is written twice on the lable - once below a drawing of a circus barker being carried off into space by a balloon, and once by what I presume to be a cross between an 1800's French maid and one of Santa's elves being lifted upward by the umbrella she carries. I have seen Milkis sold in bottles and cans of various sizes in Chinatown and Koreatown. It even comes in multiple flavors: orange, strawberry, mango, muskmelon, and classic. Its flavor immediately reminded me of Calpis Water from Japan (which I have no immediate plans to review any time soon). Milkis is a nearly opaque white color most similar to low-fat milk. It is very lightly carbonated - almost indistinguishably so. This alone gives this soda beverage a new feeling. The taste is a combination of Milk, Skittles, and Sprite. This may sound gross at first, but listen to my theory: The acidic properties of the traditional soda ingredients and the basic properties presented by the addition of milk work in conjunction to eliminate the problems of both, leaving only their positive qualities. Thus, Milkis is one of those gems... One of the reasons I conduct this search for all of us. When stranded in Asia, go for this safe bet. In other words, "yum."

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  1. Thanks for doing the hard yards for us 'asianbev'!! Without you when stranded in asia we might go thirsty, but not anymore!

    And dude as I said before, I love that photo, that's what you'd call a Schweppes Classic mate! :)




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