Mmmm... [CROWN | Choco Heim]

Now these are tasty tasty treats! I really enjoy having chocolate when there's something crunchy like wafers with it, and this is exactly the right combination. Wafer 'sticks' with soft hazelnut and milk chocolate in the centre.

I've gone through a few boxes of these in my day, and it's a snack that I'll keep going back to. The crisp wafers on the outside are very crunchy yet light enough so that they don't cover the taste of the chocolate within. The only negative about these snacks is that the boxes only contain 5 individually wrapped Heims, which is never enough!

"Being Loved long Crown Heim" - Manufactured in South Korea by Crown.

Taste (8.5)

Weirdness (4.5)

Satisfaction (8)

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