only 500.. [KWANG DONG | Vita500]

Not sure what to say about this, they say good things come in small packages, but this 100ml brown bottle of C didn't quite do it for me, although again I was greatful for any fluids this morning to nurse the hangover. It doesn't actually say what the 500 refers to although I assume it means 500mg of C, which isn't a great deal imho. It says on the label that it represents 0.50% of the "Daily Value". I have chewable vitamin C tablets that are 250mg a pop and I don't think that is really a lot.

The flavour was unusual in that it didn't taste like orange or anything that springs to mind or is associated with vitamin C. It was sweet and slightly syrupy, but the taste wasn't great, sort of like a mild version of a bad cough medicine, and drinking it out of brown bottle helps to give you the illusion that that's exactly what it is.

Although my body was probably greatful for the C, this is not a drink I will be getting again any time soon... asianbev has reviewed other C drinks which are probably much better, buy those instead!

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