Perfume Water [LOTTE | 2% - Peach]

2% flavour is probably what they're talking about, and at first glance that might sound like not much. But the subtle flavours and aroma of this product are quite exceptional.

It's more or less a perfumed water and would most likely appeal to the feminine variety of humans. However, it's a highly refreshing beverage, and the mild peach flavour is very tasty. I also like the design of the bottle, it's quite uplifting.

It's not the sort of drink you would probably have a great deal of, but for a special treat for a girl on a hot day, this is it. So go on, spoil yourself with 2% goodness.

Here's what the folks over at LOTTE have to say about it:

"For consumers being fed up with pure water, fruit juice and aroma are added to pure water. The item name 2% means that lack of 2% water in body makes people feel thirsty, which have to be quenched by the 2% near water. 2% is the main brand in near water market sharing over 90% in Korea.This kind of near water is also very popular in Japan and Korea, needless to say U.S.A." YOW!!

"LOTTE - More than Life"

Taste (6.5)

Weirdness (2%)

Satisfaction (8)


  1. I'd pass on the peach, but I'd be all over the 2% lemon. If it were a Japanese beverage as opposed to Korean, we'd know exactly how many milligrams of vitamin C were in it.

    It's becoming clear that Lotte is the best drink manufacturer in the world. Is this because we're getting more Lotte than anything else? I want a Lotte shirt. Ebay here I come.

  2. Yo, I think we should be getting some free t-shirts from Lotte, don't you? ;)

  3. I almost lived on 2% when i lived in Korea, and really miss it since i came back to the states.




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