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Pokka Milk Coffee

Japanese canned coffee sales is a market as fierce an competitive as cola sales in the US. Pokka i
s one of the front runners. I've always liked Japanese milk coffee (as milk teat). I was draw to this particular can for its graphic. The background features 10 young professional people - possibly prep school or young college students. The head of an 11th figure is displayed predominately in the foreground with a tilted head and smile of cocky confidence. Does this mean he's had is "Real brewed" Pokka milk tea and ready to make the most of his day-to-day lifestyle? I'll go to their product website and see if I can find out anything else. No - all I was able to verify was the can I was drinking is the kind they sell in Japan and not the kind manufactured for import sales. As far as its taste - it tastes just like you'd imagine.

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