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This is my first in a string of Asian Beverage reviews. This particular drink is Korean. It is 238 ml (approximately half a can of Coke).
The only thing written in English on the can is:

Nostalgia Drink, Shikhye
Since 1994
There is also a web site: www.yakult.co.kr
Yakult is a very popular Australian milk beverage which I will review at another time.

The color of the liquid contained in the can is clear. The first sip had strong rice and sugar/Skittles tastes. The experience was both interesting and enjoyable until I tasted a solid particle in my mouth. I spit it out; it was brown. I decided at that point I had enough and dumped out the very bottom into the sink. As the remaining liquid poured out, I noticed that there were around 200 grains of rice dispersed throughout it. I'm glad I didn't drink the rice.

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  1. My can is exactly the same but says "Since 1993". Odd. Shikhye translates as "rice punch".




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