[Woongjin | Honey and Red Ginseng]

Hey Sean! ... I mean everyone.
I'd like to quickly provide a series of mini-reviews as my back log is beginning to fill up. The first drink is Honey and Red Ginseng made by Korean manufacturer Woongjin. It is the second drink down on the left hand side in the link. Of this drink, the company says, "beverage made with carefully selected honey and six year-old steamed red ginseung."
- wow. I'll keep my eye out for some of their other drinks like Morning Rice, Ski Bori, Spring Scent, and You and C. Honey and Red Ginseng has a vivid gold color, a potent ginseng taste, and a light honey taste. Annie took a light sip and was revolted. While ginseng has a potent earthy taste and certainly won't be liked by all, I like it once in a while.

Taste (5)
Weirdness (3)

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