Sweet! Mate [??? | ???]

Now that is a seriously sweet drink! Although I don't really have a clue what the fruit is, it tastes kinda like a combination of green apple and unripened mango, but I'm not sure it's either.

The picture on the can looks a bit like a green apple, but shaped more like a peach.

There's no obvious english on the can, but after closer inspection the words "NEW & BEST" are written in almost illegibly small print on the back of the can below what looks like the logo.

Anyway, the flavour was very enjoyable and it was an extremely refreshing 180ml package.

Taste (9)

Weirdness (6.5)

Update: I found a small url embedded in another obscure spot on the can and after going through the site I found the product. The company is called HTB, or Haitai Beverage Corporation. The following is a google translation from their site, so that probably contributes to its classic nature but: "...Haitai Beverage (HK) is a leading product in Your love and faith, not to repay their loans in order to work." - Right. I'm still not sure what the fruit is but it does look like an unripe or green mango....(the image is linked from their site). [nah just joking, it's olive oil {not}];

Double Update: And don't ask how I figured this out, but the fruit is referred to as an Ume Plum, although it's apparently more closely related to an apricot, and yes it is green, originally from China. [Thanks Wikipedia!]


  1. this is it for me for a little while.. cya!

  2. I want one now!

    I wasn't too into the apple or unripe mango, but now that I've had a chance to look into the Ume, drinking it's nectar would be like tasting God.




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