[Taste Nirvana | Creamy Thai Tea]

Taste Nirvana makes several bold claims on its bottle:
  • A uniquely full-bodied and Rich Tea
  • Pure flavor enlightenment
  • Happiness in a bottle
This product claims to be a product of Thailand, but it turns out that this is an American from Thailand bottling this and other similar beverages out of California. They go to such great lengths to disguise this fact, that I myself am still confused. Look at this map.

I have loved Thai Tea for a long time. While I still enjoy the flavor that comes from the bottle, nothing can beat Thai tea made fresh at a Thai restaurant. Something in the preservatives used to keep the milk/cream from spoiling and allowing years of shelf-life fundamentally destroys the after taste. If you want a great dream with a little nightmare mixed in, go get this drink today. If you just want the good without any of the evil, order Thai tea from a Thai restaurant.

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  1. see, for me, i think the words creamy and tea should never be put in the same sentence, let alone on the label of a drink... but there you have it, creamy thai tea, maybe it's supposed to be creamy, i dunno, i've never had thai tea, at least not memeorably. so that map didn't help clear up where the company/factory is? is it all US or hybrid thai?

  2. It's actually pretty easy to get to. After you pass the first orange sun, keep going north. After the Big C and Lotus hang a right. At the fork after the second orange sun, take the left split over the bridge. You'll pass a yellow sun and a battery store. Take a right when you see a giant steam factory and follow the road right toward it. When you get there, prepare to taste nirvana. I recommend the Cream Coke.

  3. Taste Nirvana Creamy Thai tea is a child of Pan-thai-Nor- Ra- sing company who make curry paste. The company owner's son was staying in California and decided to use a beverage co-packing company to bottle Thai tea and Thai coffee under the brand name of Nirvana and claiming that the products were Thai product. If anyone visit their Thailand factory would see the true of this.

    Pan-thai-nor- ra -sing on the other hand is selling Thai tea leaf which mixed with Ornage color. They also claimed that they manufacture this Thai iced tea leaf which they don't they buy from a tea factory in Thailand and package under their own brand name.
    The company that sell them the tea is located in Thailand.

    Both tea leaf under pan-thai brand name and bottle tea and Thai coffee are the scandle of Panthai company.... Sorry Panthai,,, Nirvana Thai tea....

  4. Thanks for the information "Anonymous"!




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