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Part of me wishes I could stop my review at that, but I will trudge on. This is my second and perhaps final stab at a Taste Nirvana Thai drink product. Much like the Creamy Thai Tea, the Thai Coffee has a decent taste but a miserable artificial aftertaste almost certainly caused by it's dairy substitutes and preservatives. The flavor of the coffee is crisp yet rich. I think Thai coffee has the potential to be excellent, but Taste Nirvana fails to provide it in bottle format. My biggest gripe is that it is full of floating white chunks of dairy/sugar/preservatives. They have the consistency of wax and there's nothing that can be done to avoid them. In other words, even if all you want is to drink some Thai Coffee, with this product you're going to be eating a mouthful of wax in the process. Taste Nirvana - thank you. Thank you for letting us all down again. On a continent of superior coffee, it doesn't make sense to go with one that barely makes the grade.

Taste (4)

Weirdness (2)

Satisfaction (2)

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  1. yo ... just based on the packaging alone, this is probably not something i'd pick up, nor would it probably be available in oz anyway... the fact that it's a us company pretending to be thai is weird anyway... and based on your rating of 2 for satisfaction i would have to say no if given the chance to "enjoy" one.




What seems like a fairly harmless, perhaps even novel yet odd idea--tea in a can--espresso style... forget it. At my first sip I thought...