U R Sacked! [Haitai | ??? Bonbon]

This stubby sized can is one I keep going back to. I haven't it had for a long while, but now I remember why I like it so much. If you've gone looking to buy grape juice, you'll probably have noticed that you can usually only buy red grape juice. In fact I've never seen white/green grape juice for sale in Australia, except for the above.

Now plain grape juice you might say, okay what's so good about it? Well, firstly, this ain't no ordinary plain grape juice. Second having made my own "grape juice" as a kid from white/green grapes that I squashed in my mouth, you'll understand that I have a thing for white/green grape juice.

The thing that makes this grape juice so special is the fact that there are actually whole peeled seedless grapes inside the can! Which are juicy and tasty and totally complement the drink. Each can contains at my reckoning just under a dozen grapes, more than enough to satisfy, although a word of caution, don't drink this on an empty stomach.According to the english version of the Haitai website, "Fruit Drink with Sac(Contains Fruit Sac)" .. and that's about all the information I could gather as there's no english on the can. However there is a handy importer's label which says, "Haitai Podo Bonbon" and "DO NOT RETAIL BY INDIVIDUAL CAN". I bought mine individually.

The grape sac with fruit sac drink sac, is a tasty and refreshing sac with sacs that you can individually sac into your mouth sac! If you don't want to be potentially put off this drink, don't click here.
Taste (8)

Weirdness (6.5 sacs)

Satisfaction (8)

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  1. White grape juice was popular in the US when I was a kid, because it didn't stain when spilled. I've found most people loved grape juice as kids, but lost the taste for it when they became adults. It appears dorinku is an exception to the rule. Thanks for tackling a drink review that I wouldn't dare sac.




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