Boteru [Sangaria | Ramu Bottle]

This is the exact same drink as reviewed by asianbev before under the name Ramune. I can only assume that the flavours are identical and it's only the packaging that differs as I've not tried the glass bottle with a marble version which looks like much more fun.

However when you crack open this version of the drink in aluminium can, I too was soaked in effervescent spray. I hadn't shaken the bottle and it had been in the fridge for atleast 24 hours, so I guess they must have designed that feature intentionally.

It's a tasty drink, but as asianbev points out it's quite similar to an ordinarly canned lemonade. The only difference that I would point out between this and Sprite is that this drink has a sort of bubblegum flavour. By the way, just a heads up, that dude in the youtube video on asianbev's review of this drink is not asianbev, dunno who it is.

Taste (7.5)

Weirdness (6) for getting soaked

Satisfaction (6.5)


  1. Interestingly enough, the graphic on the bottle that you had is of the glass bottle I had.

  2. yeh, good point, it's kinda ironic as the whole point of the drink is really to have the glass bottle and marble, and then to put it in an aluminium bottle kinda defeats it

  3. Well, I got some at a Korean store today, and the only think that kept me from getting the glass variant is that this had more volume. My guess is that a glass bottle that was bigger would be too impractical.

  4. The advantage of the glass one is that it has an interactive visual component which is when you drop the "marble" in the glass bottle you get the fizz effect...

    personally i've never tried it but asianbev reviewed it, there's a link in this post.




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