choc full of goodness [Meiji | HELLO PANDA]

Occassionally we like to do the snakku review here just for something to go with those tasty tasty bevos that you've been enjoying all this time.

Here's an example of why I think some Japanese snacks have got it right. I like to have a bit of crunch with my choc experience and these snacks provide that in the form of little biscuity pouches filled with either chocolate or girly pink filling.

The choco one are great and go down a treat. The girly pink filling ones taste like girly pink stuff... and well that's fine but I can't really explain the flavour beyond that. I guess they've mastered the taste of girliness in Japan because that's what the pink ones taste like.

Taste (7.5)

Weirdness (4)

Satisfaction (6.5)


  1. I think the pink ones are strawberry artificial flavor. Another company makes the koala cookies which are just like the panda ones. I'm not sure which is the original, but both kinds have unique distinctly shaped boxes.

  2. yeh, now that you mention it, i think it was strawberry... very girly, and i did notice the similarity with the koala ones, personally i think the koala ones are better but as they don't sell them anywhere near me this is the next best thing




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