Chocpack [Meiji | Assorted Choc Snacks]

This collection of 5 varieties of mini chocolate snacks look pretty cool, you get 5 little packs with 5 types of different choco-snacks in them made by Meiji. The first one I opened was called "marble" and basically had m&ms in it (or smarties depending on what your reference point is). The second one was called "Choco Baby", chocolate bullets, basically mini chunks of chocolate in a spherical shape, next was "Coffee Beat", coffee/chocolate flavoured crunchy coffee beans, mmm, tasty. Then there was "Heart", the box is decorated like a deck of cards with an ace of hearts on the outside, these were the same as the first ones, m&m style candies these were more fruity in taste. Finally there was "Aporo" which comes in a 10 of diamonds box, and contains little cone shaped choclates which are half dark choc and half pink strawberry choc.

All in all a tasty MINI collection, each box is about the size of a matchbox, so it's not exactly filling which is good, coz you wouldn't want to go overboard with these things.

Taste (7)

Weirdness (3.5)

Satisfaction (6.5)


  1. I notice the cone shape in a lot of Asian candies, but I have yet to see it in a western candy. When we make our list of Asian drink/snack cliches, we'll have to remember that.




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