[King Car | Mr. Brown Iced Coffee - Cappucino]

King Car manufactures the popular Taiwanese brand of iced coffee known as Mr. Brown (occasionally rebranded as Hello Boss.) The name and graphics of this brand of coffee (as well as other Asian brands including Mr. Bond) are all very similar and most likey an attempt to ride the success wave of Suntory's Boss brand.

There is a quote written on the can in English:
You may occasionally find tiny milk flakes appearing, quality is no problem.

This coffee is nothing special. It is too watery for my tastes and more typical of an American iced coffee in that respect. In it's "distinguished gentleman" style, however, it is Asian all the way.

Taste (5)

Weirdness (5)

Satisfaction (4)


  1. one question, wtf is the story with the guy's hand? is that his thumb holding the coffee cup or some random appendage?

  2. Haha,

    His hand is in his sleeve. What you're seeing is a flesh-colored sea creature that's sneaking in for a sip of its own.




What seems like a fairly harmless, perhaps even novel yet odd idea--tea in a can--espresso style... forget it. At my first sip I thought...