[Kirin | Koiwai Brand Original Recipe Strawberry]

A history of mutual trust talks about the accuracy of the product.

Sorry Kirin - your slogan doesn't keep it's meaning when translated into English.

This strawberry milk is made from the milk of Japan's esteemed Koiwai breed of cattle. For more information check out my review of Kirin's Koiwai Milk and Coffee.
The strawberry drink drink can best be described as a liquid form of any Japanese strawberry candy. Japanese strawberry flavor is different from non-Japanese strawberry artificial flavor. In other words - don't be thinking Strawberry Mentos - be thinking strawberry mushroom caps. Be thinking the goo inside of this or this.

Happy new year's guys! Sorry we currently don't have the man power at the moment to respond to any of your questions and comments.

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  1. awesome dude! love the slogan, keep up the good work, happy ny.




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