Melon [Sangaria | Syuwasyuwa メロン]

This drink is a direct relative of Sangaria's Grape Drink which I reviewed earlier. It has the same light carbonation and is presented in an aluminium bottle. It is equally as refreshing as the grape version, but the melon version is not as sweet, it's more subtle, but the melon flavour is definitely there and enjoyable. Slightly candied taste, but definitely melon.

The drink is large by J-land standards which usually come in small 175-180ml cans, this one weighing in at about 500ml (says 500g on the bottle).

I believe the melon to be rockmelon judging from the image on the bottle, but it could be another melon. The website for this drink is shared with it's grape cousin and so far I have not found any english info on the drinks.

I've not had a bottled/canned melon drink before, and as far as they go I'd say this one's a winner.

Taste (7.5)

Weirdness (5.5) wtf does Syuwasyuwa mean?

Satisfaction (6.5)


  1. I personally hate melon in all it's forms. I don't recall seeing a melon with a T-shaped stem like the one on the bottle, but supposedly the Winter Melon is the one held in highest regard of all melons in Japan.

  2. Yeh I think I remember now that you thought a lychee was a melon and u were refusing to try it because u hated melon so much... on that note, I reckon' u should definitely do a melon review




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