Calpico Can [Calpis | Water]

Calpis Water, also know as Calpico Water, or カルピスウォーター (Karupisu Uaataa) is a Japanese beverage that has been reviewed on this site several times by asianbev.

Please read his reviews on Calpis Flavors or Bottled Hello Kitty Calpico Water and his most recent excellent video review on Calpis Concentrate. There is Wikipedia entry on the drink here.

My take on the can version of the drink is this, if you take water and you add milk to it, it doesn't matter how much sugar you add it's a gross concept... However, it's a seriously popular drink and I don't mind downing the odd can when I'm having Ramen or Katsu-don at my favourite Japanese Noodle Bar, Ichi-ban Boshi (That's where the can pictured is from). It has a very sweet taste, and although I'm sure it has some kind of milk in it, I wouldn't describe the flavour as milky at all.

The drink is very refreshing and as asianbev has demonstrated, comes in a variety of flavors, including; strawberry, grape, guava, mango, pineapple, orange, melon, peach and others (sited from Wikipedia). The official Calpis website has a US English version that contains info on their various products.

The flavour is kinda tangy and probably created by the inclusion of lactobacilli which is some kind of yoghurt culture/bacteria I believe, although I wouldn't necessarily have noticed the yoghurty taste. It's interesting enough to make me want to drink it again, and unique enough to ensure that I won't be buying other brands.

Taste (7)

Weirdness (5)

Satisfaction (8)

Same same? [Woongjin | Green Plum]

The beverage featured above is very similar if not identical to a drink I reviewed earlier by Haitai under the name "Ume Plum".

This drink was almost sickly sweet and not possible to consume in one sitting. It is a much larger quantity than the Haitai brand version and also seems to be sweeter and more artificial/brewed tasting. As the Haitai version reviewed earlier comes in a small can the drink seems a lot more enjoyable as you savour each sip knowing the next might be your last.

Having said that, I did enjoy this drink and it had a much more potent flavour than the aforementioned. During cherry blossom season in Japan, a fermented version of Ume plum wine is very popular, and having been in Japan during the celebrations a couple of years ago I can tell you that it's good stuff. This beverage reminded me much more of the wine than the Haitai version, so each has it's niche market I suppose.

In order to enjoy this beverage to it's maximum, I suggest consuming it at as colder temperature as possible.

Taste (7)

Weirdness (4)

Satisfaction (6.5)


What seems like a fairly harmless, perhaps even novel yet odd idea--tea in a can--espresso style... forget it. At my first sip I thought...