A bit unfruity [SANGARIA | Oishii 100% Mikkusu Juice]

You'd think the combination of apple, orange, peach, pineapple and grape flavours would create a really fruitful taste, but alak alas not.

On first sip I have to say I was disappointed with Sangaria's Oishii 100% 'Mix' Juice (おいしい100%ジュース - Oishii means Tasty). What seemed to be an exciting discovery of a new beverage in the local Japanese/Korean grocery (have so far reviewed 99% of the imported asian drinks there) turned out to be a slight disappointment.

The reason for the disappointment is quite simple and is as follows - it tastes like carrot juice.

Other than that it's okay, it still meets the requirements of being refreshing and juicy, but the flavour does not match the packaging.

Taste (6)

Weirdness (5) antiWYSIWYG

Satisfaction (6.5)

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