75th Post!

It wasn't so along ago that we celebrated our 50th post by launching the site, dorinku.com to replace the old dorinku.blogspot.com address.

The blog only started in November last year and 71 of the 75 posts currently up were posted in the last 2 months of 2007.

To celebrate the 75th post we've added Digg It! and Add a del.icio.us bookmark options to each post, so go ahead and digg us! or add our delicious drinks to your favourite social bookmarking site.

If you end up digging a bunch of our posts we might offer up a rewarding surprise for ya in the form of some official Dorinku merchandise (subject to availability and restricted to residents of the USA and Australia, all terms and conditions strictly at the discretion of the dorinku.com reviewers).

Drop us a comment to this post if you're a digger!

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