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Earlier I reviewed another drink in the 2% line which was a favourable review... this time however, I'm gonna have to give this one a thumbs down...

Why? Do you enjoy drinking dish-water? If your answer was yes, then read no further, this drink is for you and I congratulate you on finally finding your one true drink.

If your answer was a rationally resounding NO, then this drink unfortunately is not for you, which is what I discovered as I drained the can into my osophagus[sic].

Manufactured yet again by our brethren at LOTTE (like the last several posts), this drink was a disappointment from start to finish. You'd think as they'd gotten the subtle flavours right for the 2 percent peach that they'd nail the 2 percent lemon - but no.

Like a really dodgy watered down lemon dish washing detergent in a can, that's what you get. (Can looks nice though ;)

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