Oishii! [CALPIS | Strawberry Calpis]

This one is part of the "Fruit Calpis" range and as my first drink in this range I am impressed. The flavour is unmistakably strawberry and unlike some of the other fruit drinks actually tastes like real fruit. The bottle is a good size at 500ml and goes down easy.

It's a really enjoyable drink, probably one of the best I've reviewed lately and the only complaint I would have if any is that there isn't enough. The drink is slightly watery, but that's what you come to expect from Calpis drinks, a watery milky drink.

The only Calpis drink I've had before is the plain canned variety and that was pretty good.

If you wanna find out more about what we thought of Calpis, also known as Calpico be sure to check out asianbev's great video review and his other reviews here and here.

Taste (9.5) Oishii!

Weirdness (4.5)

Satisfaction (9)

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