Yogur de Saliva [Pineapple | with Aloe Vera]

That's right folks, Yogur de Saliva... now you don't even need your own saliva to digest or enjoy this tasty beverage, it's done for you, pre-digested in a bottle.

If only--I wish--actually it's Yogur de Savila... which is Portuguese for Youghurt of Saliva... hey awesome, so it is saliva after all...

No no... unfortunately Savila translates as Vera and I have no idea if it's portguese, apparently, so no luck with that... how do I know, because on the other side of the bottle they have the potentially "English" version of the name, Yogo Vera...

Okay, about to open the fridge door, take it out and have my first gulp...

Oh jesus... i think i just threw up in my mouth a little... no wait, i think i just took a sip of someoen else throwing up into my mouth a little..notice the lowercase "i's"... my body is suddenly drained of life as i try to refrain from barfing.

Why oh why would they sell a drink that is made up of someone else's predigested goodness?

Okay, maybe I exaggerate, you are immediately hit with a very tangy pineapple yoghurt tang, did i mention it was tangy? Anyway so after recovering from the tang you get hit with a wall of pure glucose, though i'm yet to understand what all the hype about "with Aloe Vera" is all about.

But hey, it's proudly a "PRODUCT OF SOUTH KOREA" and that's okay with me.

Okay, second and third sips now and once you get over the tang, it's basically cloudy pineapple juice. It has chunks in it which at first I think might be pineapple but they're probably vera.

Now I just shook it and had finally tasting gulp... I recommend you shake it before consuming, now there are a lot of chunks, chunks of someone else's pre-digested salival efforts, but well worth y
our effort.

Ta(ng)ste (7.5)
Weirdness (6) 
Satisfaction (6.5)


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